18 thoughts on “i am timetied

  1. For some reason the last line embedded in paragraphs is what made the poem for me — can someone explain that mystery 🙂 I am not a punctuation person, maybe it made the phrase into a whispered secret? maybe it made it look optional, please replace here with your own reasons for being timetied? Either way, it pleased me greatly!

  2. Thank you again everyone for your supportive feedback – it helps to keep me writing, and I’m very glad my work gives people pleasure. Haiku Tuna, you’ve nailed the way I like to write. Nonprescriptive, all interpretations and meanings optional. I have my own reasons for and meanings behind what I write, but I also like to leave the reader to lay my words on to themselves to make the poem their own. So, a whispered secret, optional for all – yes definately 🙂

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