I don’t remember

I remember the day

summer, a Tuesday

I remember the place

cool and dark under the bridge

I remember your body

hard against mine, damp and strong

I remember your scent

aftershave and late afternoon exertion

I remember your lips

feverish and insistent with mine

I remember the words

whispered, low and soft and deep

I remember your hair

your eyes your nose your cheek your smile your clothes your promises


I don’t remember you

11 thoughts on “I don’t remember

  1. Some things are “more than a notion”
    I enjoying the scene of young lust being recalled much more than the partner…ya left me laughing…LOL

  2. ..”but

    I don’t remember you”..

    _in the context of ur ‘gentle’ poem these words acquire a lot of meaning_(in a different context they may have a lot to do with how poetry is viewed )..
    many thanks..
    (ps:why gentle?:-because the voice of the poem is such) qed!(smiley)

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